Jan 1, 2020

The First 20 Hours
How to Learn Anything... Fast!
By: Josh Kaufman

I decided to start with a book that I read a few years before getting the audiobook on Audible and listening to it from beginning to end twice. I decided to start with this book because it is informative, useful, interesting, entertaining, and has some reviews that I consider unfair. I have noticed that the critical reviews do not consider that this book gets to the point and then shows you how to apply that in different situations. Similar how-to books take forever to get to the point as they use filler between points so that you have to read the filler so that you don't miss anything important, I love this straight to the point nature of this book.

This book teaches you like a textbook that starts by explains to you what you need to do, then why, and finishes with examples. I do not think his stories are fillers because they show you how he has applied these lessons and how he addressed problems that could have prevented him from reaching his goal. Removing the examples would be like removing the math problems from a math book, you would know what to do, but not how to do it. Plus his stories are funny and inspired me to actually use what I learned from this book. 

Please remember that this is only a review and is not a substitute for reading the book or listening to the audiobook. While I have read and listened to this book in the past, for this review I relistened to it at around twice the normal narration speed. This allows me to give you an overview like a table of contents with explanations so you can figure out for yourself if this book contains what you are looking for. If this book appeals to you, you should buy the book or audiobook so that you don't miss the important details.

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